E-Mobility - Dusseldorf Airport

12. Januar 2017

E-Mobility: Electricity charging stations at P5, P7 and P8

BMW i3 beim Ladevorgang

BMW i3 during charging process

Battery charging stations

Customers parking at the Airport have battery charging columns available in car parks P7 and P8 (terminal) and P5 (long-term), which are operated by Stadtwerke Düsseldorf (SWD). All charging stations are equipped with a normal mains plug and a type 2 plug (Mennekes plug). To start the charging process, customers need a charging card from Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. This can be applied for from Stadtwerke Düsseldorf.

Even customers who do not hold a personal SWD charging card can recharge their batteries at the charging station. In that case, they can borrow a card against a deposit after giving their personal details at the parking service center in Car Park P3 (arrivals level) before driving into the car park concerned.